Funfair at Teiman Wisdom Academy

The main idea behind organizing the funfair was to give students practical knowledge of how to enhance their skills of public communication and to allow them to enjoy the day to the fullest. … It can be safely said that the funfair was the most enjoyed event in the school year.

School has always emphasized on a wholesome personality development of the students. For this purpose, not only the academics but the co-curricular activities are given equal importance as well.

By every passing day, we are getting more modernized. And with the progress of modernization, the idea of fun is also seeing progress. In these days, fun comes through indoor activities and so on.

The purpose of the event was to plan a day of fun activities for  the students in an environment that allowed them to engage in some form of physical activity.

The intended outcomes of the event were to allow the children to participate in a different variety of activities than they would usually encounter and to allow them to play and have fun.

“This learning  helps build memories that kids can carry throughout their lives. “The bigger picture is to have a kind of club where kids can come together and explore their creativity.

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